The Mighty Eighth Welcomes You

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society, Colorado Chapter, was formed in February, 1992 by Colorado veterans of World War II, United States Army Air Corps, Eighth Air Force. The Eighth Air Force was activated on January 28, 1942 and was based in England for the purpose of the strategic bombing of the German war-making facilities.

The Eighth Air Force, with a total enlistment of 350,000 volunteers, served throughout the war, which finally ended in May of 1945. The conditions under which the Eighth Air Force flew were harsh, inconceivable to those of us who were not there. Accomplishing their mission resulted in 47,000 casualties, including 26,000 deaths.

The purpose of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society is to perpetuate the history of the Eighth Air Force and to honor the memory of their lost comrades. As part of this purpose, the Historical Society strives to promote programs that will educate the public about the sacrifices all members of the Eighth Air Force made toward preserving the precious freedom the United States and the free world enjoy today.

This website will contain pictures and stories from Eighth veterans and others about their war experiences. Their stories are the heart and soul of what the 8th Air Force Historical Society (8th AFHS) is all about.

Our members have been shot down, wounded, crash landed, incarcerated as POW's, hopelessly lost over the arctic and lived with the constant threat of death for months at a time. They know that it is by the grace of God that they are here to share these stories. The rest of us have the privilege of reading and hearing their stories and meeting these extraordinary men.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our 8th AFHS website. You are of course welcome to linger over the stories and pictures presented here. You are also welcome to more actively participate in our organization and have a rare opportunity to personally meet the veterans of the 8th Air Force.

We've provided dates of Historical Society meetings and events. There also will be information for contacting myself or other officers and members to see how you can become actively involved.

Thank you again on behalf of the 8th AFHS for dropping by.

Jim Rice, Past President